Maryland Technical Training schedule

Friday May 11, 2012 (print)

Room 1 -  Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic and a Maryland Market Overview - Special Expo price - $125.00 (regularly $199) Sign-up here

This 7-hour seminar provides a thorough introduction to solar Photovoltaic technology, applications and the local market. It teaches participants about the fast-growing PV industry, how to enter the market and the benefits of solar. It covers system cost, government incentives and the nature of renewable energy investments. It is geared toward general contractors, electricians and professionals with a strong interest in solar PV. It is also suitable for building owners and homeowners who are considering adding solar PV.

Topics covered: History of Solar - How it works? - What makes up a PV system? - Different types of PV systems - Solar Applications - Local solar market overview and analysis - Enter the PV market - Return on Investment

Room 2 - Solar PV Technical Sales Course - exam prep for NABCEP* technical sales - the price of this course is $295.00 Sign-up here

Purpose of course: This class is designed to teach students how to understand the technical electrical considerations they need to know in order to sell Solar PV Systems. Selling PV is complicated and students will learn where to connect the system to a breaker according the National Electric Code, how a PV system is sized, how to determine where to put and configure the system and how to estimate how much the system will produce.

This course is geared toward electricians, engineers, PV professionals and anyone else who would like to prepare for a position in Sales of Solar PV Systems. Additionally, this class will prepare those wishing to sit for the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Examination.

Saturday May 12, 2012

Room 1- Solar PV Site Assessment Seminar – Special Expo Price - $199.00 (regularly $295) American Institute of Architects Continuing Education approved Sign up here

Purpose of course: This course is intended to introduce a potential PV installer to the important aspects of selecting a good site for a PV system and the basics of PV system components. This class will touch on battery based (stand-alone) systems but will focus primarily on utility-interactive (grid-tied) systems. By the end of this class one should feel comfortable conducting a comprehensive site evaluation, collecting and interpreting customer data; understanding how to make component selections, understanding how to size the major components of a PV system and providing clients with basic information on the size and type of system they require.

This seminar is AIA Continuing Education System Approved. This course is geared toward electricians, engineers, PV professionals, architects and anyone with a strong interest in PV.

Topics covered: PV systems – overview, Electricity basics, Qualifying the customer, Conducting a site assessment, Determining solar resources at a site, Determining the suitability of a site for PV, Best location and mounting option for the array to maximize system performance, Characteristics of PV system components and selection, Basic component sizing: an introduction to system design, Estimating the array output, Site assessment report and putting together a proposal, Working safely with photovoltaics, Economics of PV.

Room 2 - Solar Electrical Design Course - NABCEP* - the price of this course is $295.00 Sign up here

Purpose of course: To introduce the concepts of PV and how they are different from typical electrical installations with regard to the 2008 & 2011 National Electric Code. We will explain how temperature and sunlight can make PV perform beyond its rated voltage and current on a regular basis and how to safely account for these and other aspects of PV design. This course will also teach the common mistakes to avoid when configuring a Solar PV Electric System.

This course is geared toward electricians, engineers and PV professionals.

*The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the “gold standard” for PV and solar heating installation certification. Designed to raise industry standards and promote consumer confidence, NABCEP offers certification and certificate programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America.